Dear Taekwondo instructors and club owners,

I am writing to appreciate your support to Kukkiwon Australia and invite your club and students to attend a historical tournament ‘1st Kukkiwon Australia Hanmadang & Team selection 2017’.

Key features on this competition are;

-No need to purchase your e-socks for sparring, KA will provide PSS chest guard that equipped with pressure sensor.

-No need to be an individual member with KA / Individual accident insurance fee is included on your entry fee

-Clubs need to be a KA member / KA offers a free membership to the clubs

KA will support every clubs in Australia by providing cheaper and cheaper for everything we can provide.

KA will assist students who are not afford to travel overseas, as much as KA could get sponsored.

Read more about the event, please refer to the attached information package.

Best regards,

Kangho Park

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